Human Behavior: The Anya Zone

800 x 600
chewy demon center

Lesson the First: Splash Pages. The big question is: should you do one? If you're doing a frames site, you should definitely make a splash page in order to offer an option of frames or text, but for a tables site, it's not necessary. That said, many a site designer use splash pages to give their site a cover, to put banner exchanges, memberships, affiliates, et cetera, in an easy-to-find place, and to let the user know the site requirements. If you are going for Guild, please note that the site will have to be viewable in Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. One note: if you're going to do a splash page for a site without choices, for the love of god, make the big fancy graphic a link! Okay, good? Click on enter and let's get this tutorial started!