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The Ten Rules Of Writing

  1. Keep your focus on plot. Learn from BtVS and Angel episodes -- Character development is most effective when it takes place within the context of a strong story.
  2. Actions speak louder than words. Make your characters do things instead of just telling. It's a stronger way of conveying these ideas.
  3. Find a balance between dialogue and description. Try not to overload your story with one or the other.
  4. Make effective use of details. Adding precise details about the little things gives your story depth and texture.
  5. Know where you are going. Make sure your fic is working towards something -- know the climax as you write.
  6. Write the scenes as they come to you. Work in pieces, and piece them together when you're finished. Don't worry about writing in order.
  7. Walk away when you're blocked. If you're trying to write and it isn't coming through, then walk away from it. Work on it when you're inspired, and don't try to force it.
  8. Keep the characters. Make sure what you write is consistent with the characters we see on the show. If you're doing something drastic with the character, make it a natural progression from the character we see on the show.
  9. Find a unique way of describing things. Work to find imagery that is not commonly used, describe things in words that aren't commonly used, look at things from different perspectives.
  10. Give your story resolution. Once you've hit the climax, don't leave it there. Give us a feel of where the characters might be going afterwards.