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Zone Application


We have three types of zones: Character, Relationship and Genre.

  • Character zones focus on a specific character (either from Angel or BtVS)
  • Relationship zones focus on a specific pairing (either conventional or unconventional)
  • Genre zones focus on a specific genre (Action, Dark, Crossover, Challenge, or any others suggested)

The basic requirements of all the zones are:

  1. Essays. For character zones: one essay on the character and one essay on the basic overview of 'ships for that character, for relationship zones: one essay on the pairing and one each for both characters, for genre zones: one essay on the genre and one on dealing with the characters using the genre.
    While sharing essays with other zones is fine, don't go overboard. Zones should make an effort to add fresh essays to their sites, rather than borrowing all the essays from other zone sites.
  2. A fanfic archive OR a page of recommended fics on your zone subject. eFiction archives are allowed.
  3. A collection of mailing lists and archives that focus on and/or accept your zone subject.
  4. A list of beta readers who are willing to read for your zone subject. The minimum for a minor zone is five betas.
  5. Cross-browser usability. This means that if someone has Mozilla, Opera, or even Netscape, they should still be able to access your site as easily as someone using the latest Internet Explorer.
  6. No bashing of any relationships, characters or shows. At all.
  7. Monthly updates for minor zones.
  8. The site must have a focus on being a writing resource. Pretty layouts are fine, as variety is nice, but the site must be a resource first, pretty second.

Things that aren't really necessary, but we prefer for a zone:

  1. A multi-author fiction archive. We have and will accept sites that only have a recs page, but fiction archives are preferred.
  2. A connection to similar sites on the subject, either through banners exchanges, links, webrings or cliques.
  3. An interactive section. Like a message board, mailing list, chat room. A mailing list is especially recommended for a site that focus on a 'ship or character so minor that no mailing lists exist on the subject.
  4. General writing resources. Like basic writing essays; all-inclusive mailing lists and archives that will accept the zone subject, but don't focus on it specifically; links to general writing sites, general BtVS/AtS sites, sites of interest to your zone subject.


Major Zones

Major Zones are the ones that have the largest fan following at this point in time. An example of a major zone is the Angel character zone. Major zones have a few additional requirements that minor zones don't.

  1. They need bi-weekly updates. As in, every two weeks. Hey, if it's popular, you should have lots to add.
  2. They need an actual multi-author fanfic archive. A fanfic recs page can also be there, but they need the archive.
  3. Major zones needs a minimum of 10 betas.
  4. Major zones need a connection to other sites of the same zone subject.
  5. Major zones need general writing resources like links and essays.

Hey, major zones are major for a reason, the relationship, genre, character is popular. It should be pretty easy to find this stuff.


Zone Applicants

Once a potential zone had applied, they are not allowed to update the site until two weeks after you have applied. This prevents sudden changes to the site before all the reviewers have had a chance to inspect the site.

You will be notified within a month.


An example of what a Zone looks like with all the requirements is here. We also have an article on coding and design tips here. Please make certain your site has most of the requirements before applying.

If you are certain you can fulfill our requirements, please apply now.